Thinking, big and small.

Thinking, big and small.

You can learn a lot about someone simply by listening to them and I don’t mean listening just to their stories about how they came to live here or work there, no.

I mean listen to their word choice. Do they use words that suggests optimism and hope for better times ahead or do they use words that suggest pessimism and despair for the dooms day that’s surely around the corner?

Listen to the framework from which their life unfolds. Does it suggest they are the hero of their stories where they learn from setback and overcome challenge, or are they the constant victim who’s forced to endure at the hands of others?

When you listen for that, you’re listening to someone’s thinking. You’re hearing their thoughts and beliefs brought into the physical world and when your ears are trained to listen, you may be shocked to discover how many people, and maybe yourself from time to time, who despite wanting to think BIG, in fact do the opposite, and think very, very, very small.

Here are a few questions to stimulate your thinking on this topic.

How do you think about challenges? Is it an exciting opportunity to grow or something that might make you like look foolish and incompetent?

How do you think about the success of others? Are you inspired by their achievement or are you threatened by it?

How do you think about setbacks? Is it proof that there is more to learn or proof that you should have never have tried in the first place?

How do you think about critique? Is it welcomed and useful or unwelcomed and useless?

I’d be hard pressed to find anyone who, if asked, wouldn’t want to live a more rich and abundant life, and yet, when it comes to the very thing which can most directly contribute to that abundance – the size of one’s thinking (of which you’re in complete control) – they’ve either not given it thought or they have, and directly or indirectly still choose the petty, the petulant and the small.

Big thinking is easy to spot – it’s so damn rare it stands out.

When you think of people in your life who think big, I bet you’re inspired by them – by their words, actions or results. It begins with their thinking and I encourage you to consider the size of yours.

Is my thinking placing a cap on me? Like driving a car with an e-brake engaged? Or is it a great accelerator of progress, assisting me take bold and fearless action to achieve my highest potential?

There is no more urgent time to ask this question of yourself than right…about…now.

Committed to your success,

Daniel Aleksa

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