There’s a lot to love inside

There’s a lot to love inside.

“I want to like this but I don’t”

Have you ever said that? About exercise, healthy eating or otherwise?
So long as you don’t say it in reference to your spouse or children, it’s really ok.

Maybe you think of super fit people with their smiling faces, healthy looking skin and annoyingly upbeat attitudes and think, “They must just love the work of exercise and if I’m to get anywhere close to that, I need to love it too”.

I’m here to tell you one, I agree, they are annoying.
Two, you don’t need to love the work but, I bet you’ll love what’s inside the work…

There’s a lot to love inside.

Inside is the adversity you overcame and the commitments you honored.
Inside is you taking control and leading yourself.
Inside is you serving an example for others.
Inside is you not making excuses.

Simply, inside the work is the best version of yourself.

And that is special, and like my daughter who today celebrates her 2nd birthday, easy to fall in love with.

Committed to your success,

Daniel Aleksa

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