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If you’ve tried to lose weight before and failed, don’t give away your skinny clothes yet, there may still be hope. A Southampton personal trainer can help people who have failed to lose weight before and failed. Even if you’ve never had skinny clothes, but have been heavy all your life, personal trainers are experts that can help you find a new type of life, where you don’t have shop in the big man’s store or plus department.

A personal trainer designs a program specifically for your needs.

There’s no cookie cutter approach with a personal trainer. He or she first asks what your goals are, finds out whether you have any special needs and then assesses your fitness level, including identifying any weak muscle groups that need extra work. The trainer also might ask about the type of foods you eat, particularly if focus on nutrition, as well as exercise. Only then does a personal trainer design a program specifically for you. It will challenge you, but still be within you capabilities.

Personal trainers don’t give you a diet.

Diets simply don’t work. They always end, either in failure or success, and then you go back to old eating habits that put weight on in the first place. Instead, a personal trainer shows you how to make wiser food choices that are both healthier and lower in calories. Some of the changes might be simple, such as eating wild rice instead of white rice. Others might be learning how to cook your favorite foods, but make them lower in calories. Many of the changes are small, but they total up to big weight losses that are permanent.

Combining a healthier diet with exercise blasts off fat.

A healthy diet is lower in calories, so it decreases your caloric intake. Exercise increases the number of calories you burn. However, exercise also builds muscle tissue and muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does. You’ll be burning more calories 24/7, once you start to get into shape. You’ll also have more energy and more definition to your muscles, which makes you look better too.

Exercise and a healthy diet not only helps you lose weight, it can help prevent serious conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and osteoporosis. If you already have these conditions, it can help control or improve them.

You’ll feel fantastic and find you’re in a better mood once you start an exercise regimen. Exercise stimulates the brain to create hormones that make you feel good.

Exercise burns off hormones created by stress, such as cortisol, which is also associated with the accumulation of belly fat.

As your level of fitness improves, a personal trainer adjusts your workout to reflect that improvement. You’ll always be working at maximum potential.

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