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If you want to lose weight, one way to start is to seek the expertise of a Richboro nutrition guru, such as a nutritionist or personal trainer. While both will give you sound advice that can help you lose weight, a personal trainer has more to offer to help on the weight loss front. Trainers can provide a program of exercise designed specifically for you. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can make weight loss faster and safer.

Don’t fall for fad diets. Diets don’t work.

Fad diets are especially bad because they are often nutritionally unsound. However, all diets fail. That’s because they always end. Even if you lose a few pounds, you go back to your old eating habits and gain them back, sometimes even gaining more. Instead of a diet, a personal trainer will show you how to make wiser food selections. Some of the tips are simple substitutions, such as eating wild rice instead of white rice. Others may include changing recipes or cooking differently. Most people never feel deprived with their new way of eating. In fact, some say it’s almost like gourmet meals.

When you add regularly scheduled exercise to the mix, you’ll see pounds shed quickly.

Losing weight is a matter of eating fewer calories than you burn. A healthy diet can lower the calorie count and exercise increases the number of calories you burn. Exercise does even more for weight loss. It builds muscle tissue. Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does, so you’ll be burning more calories even when you’re not exercising.

A personal trainer designs a program specifically for your needs.

You may have a food intolerance or food allergy that limits the types of food you can eat. Maybe you don’t exercise because you have back problems or joint problems. Sometimes a hectic lifestyle, such as one that requires you to eat in restaurants and travel frequently, can be a problem. A personal trainer listens to all your special needs and your goals. He or she then identifies your fitness level and designs a program that’s perfect for your needs. The workout part of the weight loss program may be challenging, but it still will be within your capabilities.

You’ll find adding exercise to a weight loss program has other benefits. It helps you sleep at night, which can eliminate the need for a sugary pick-me-up midday.
Exercise is a stress buster. It not only burns off the hormones from stress, such as cortisol, which is often associated with abdominal fat, but also helps prevent stress eating that can pack on pounds.
You’ll feel fantastic after a workout. Exercise stimulates the brain to create dopamine, endorphins and other hormones that make you feel good. It can help lift depression that also causes overeating.
You’ll learn not only how to eat, but also how to cook healthy foods for your family. When children learn how to eat healthy, their chances of growing up overweight are far lower.

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