If you struggle with motivation, I wrote this for you.

I’m going to talk about the problem of “no motivation” and see if we can deconstruct the psychology behind it. In so doing, I’m going to offer a solution so that you’ll never again be tempted to say you’re not motivated.

If you have no motivation for something, the inner dialogue goes something like this:

“I know I should (insert something important), but I’m not in the mood.”
That’s about it, right?

Regardless of the “thing” you’re not in the mood to do, the conversation is the same. There’s something important for you to  do, but you don’t do it because alas… you don’t feel like it.

The first thing I strongly urge you AGAINST is going down the path of searching for why you don’t feel like it.
Why can’t I get motivated?
Why am I not in the mood?
Why am I drawn towards distraction?
Why do I avoid work?

Don’t go seeking answers to those questions. That search leads nowhere and worse, actually becomes a disguise for real work. It’s a clever trick where the justification is made that work is being done by figuring why I don’t feel like doing the work.

Imagine your boss asking if you got your TPS reports done and you responded “No, but I did discover why I don’t feel like doing them”.

Ridiculous, right? So, don’t do that.

Think of this instead –

You don’t feel like doing your thing? You’re not in the mood are you?

So, what?

Who cares?
That’s all, so what?

Don’t listen to your mood, they’re terrible guides for action!

Here: 365 days of the year, I am in the mood to eat cheese pizza, ok.
And on some mornings, I am NOT in the mood to brush my teeth.

To them both, SO WHAT?

Do I heed my mood and scarf down slices every day? Do I come into work nasty, unable to speak in close proximity? No, I do not.

Because who the hell cares what my mood dictates? Moods don’t guide what’s right, they guide what’s immediately gratifying. They’re fleeting, changing by the hour and for some, by the minute.

What endures in life are values, purpose and priorities. These transcend moods and feelings. You’ll never need  motivation when you have a value driven life.

To pull it all together, can you imagine how silly this would sound: “Gee you know, I really value my health and it’s major priority in my life but I just never got around to exercising because I’m never in the mood”.

Can’t be. It’s one or the other.

Next time you’re even tempted to say you’re not in the mood, remember my follow up question, SO WHAT?!

Daniel Aleksa

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