Motivation: How To Be A Hero

How to be a hero

If our 6 Week Transformation Challenge is on your horizon, this will be a welcome note.

I’ve run this challenge now for the past 3 years and in that time, I’ve learned a lot and I want to share some of those insights with you because from where you’re sitting, you could never know what I know.

It’s one thing to see an inspiring before/after picture, watch a video of people working out and say you “get” it, but it’s quite another to be in the trenches with those very people encountering their fears and limitations…and then smashing them to pieces.

So, let me share 3 lessons with you that I’ve seen time and again from clients in general, but especially from the 6 Week Transformation Challenge we run.

In this email, I’ll only cover 1 lesson (probably the most important one) and I’ll write to you again on Tuesday about the other 2.

Big Lesson #1  – When faced with a challenge, you summon incredible personal power.

That means you rise to the occasion. You shock yourself (let alone friends and family). You can’t believe how much you’re capable of achieving.

Here’s the thing; I can believe it and I’m not shocked. I knew you were capable of greatness, you just need the occasional reminder.

Here’s the real source:

The inner strength you experience is what happens when there’s consistency between your word and your action. 

Nothing saps your energy faster than saying one thing but doing the opposite, right?

It’s not that complaining is noxious, it’s complaining without any plan of action to correct what you’re complaining about!

You can’t say, “Oh man I’m broke and this sucks” while you’re scrolling facebook or watching cat videos. No one cares…starting with yourself, clearly! You don’t mean it. Your being broke sucks I’m sure but it’s clearly not painful enough for you to do something about it.

Instead if you said, “Man I’m broke…and that’s why I’m working 3 jobs, went from the iPhone to the Cricket and don’t have time to watch TV because I’m studying to earn my degree in petroleum engineering”.

Well, that’s not a complainer, that’s a hero.

You gotta be the hero of your own story.

When you take forward action, you’re doing what hero’s do. You are a hero.

That’s why you I’ve seen literally hundreds of people gain personal power.
That’s why those who enroll in my challenges experience breakthrough transformations.

They don’t talk, they do.

Committed to your success,

Daniel Aleksa

P.S. Early enrollment for the 2017 6 Week Transformation Challenge ends on 9/5. Your investment is $219 and you can learn more and enroll by following this link!

P.P.S. Since my original email on Friday, I have 6 enrolled and we typically cap it at around 25 so if I were you, I would become a hero real quick and ENROLL NOW or call me at 215-942-6698.

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