How to win, now and forever.

How to win, now and forever.

When I see someone train with intensity, my first thought is, I wonder what they’re thinking about?

Something in their mind motivates them to train with a higher than usual degree of intensity and focus.

I’ve heard some say they think about their idiot boss, usually when they’re they’re hitting the punching bag.  That’s good, but that idiot boss won’t be there to motivate you all the time. He/she can’t piss you off every single day…well, not enough to energize your fitness at least!

So what I’m curious by is what is it that keeps people focused day after day?

Here’s mine – I made the decision long ago that no one will train harder than me.

That’s not just ego inflation, it’s my honest to goodness system.

I see a fellow in the gym training hard and I think, thank god you’re here because I was feeling soggy today and concerned that I wasn’t going to have the intensity but alas, you’re here training hard…and now I’m about to beat you.

The best thing I can hope for is a gym full of hard working, alpha types all attempting to outdo one another because my system demands I outdo them.

Blah, blah, blah, this is just egotistical nonsense.

No, it’s an attitude and if you adopt it, you can’t NOT win as a result. It’s self-fulfilling too – if you’re not winning, it’s because you’re not out working everyone.

Here’s another idea I shared with a client who appears to have taken it to heart because she absolutely dominates every time she steps on the gym floor.

She wants to win the transformation challenge, straight up.

I said, great, then do this – whenever you reach a point where you think you’re at your limit, ask yourself, how many people would give up right here because it’s the reasonable thing to do?

When you’re on rep number 8 struggling to finish a set, ask, how many people would give up here and not attempt 9 and 10? You want to win? Go to 12.

When you’re dogging it on the cardio for 20 minutes, how many people would not attempt 25 minutes? Or 30? You want to win? Go to 45.

When you’re on a trip and when most postpone good nutrition for the weekend, how many people would NOT take such a convenient stance? You want to win? Plan and organize your every meal leaving.

The question is simple, where do most people give up? When you discover that point, push past it. You’ll immediately begin to separate yourself.

You’ll experience UNCOMMON and EXTRAORDINARY results because you do the UNCOMMON and the EXTRAORDINARY.

It’s not complicated, really. Success is not a secret – it’s all around you. People who enjoy more of it are doing things most don’t.

So if you wanted to make today an instant success, you can practice the self-awareness and say to yourself, “this is the exact point where I usually give in, BUT today, I push on”.

Imprint that attitude on your heart and mind and I’ll see you at the winners circle.

Committed to your success,

Daniel Aleksa

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