Great Trainers

Who remembers the boring, apathetic teachers in school? Not me.

I only remember the hard asses. My 9th grade history teacher took 8 minutes of the first day of classes to point out my crooked tie.

If you played spots, who remembers the coaches that “went easy on you?” Not me.

I only remember those who would scream from the bench, pacing up and down like lunatics. In high school, when my coach got really heated, the veins in his neck would start to pop out. As a team, that’s how we knew things were getting serious.

Somewhat unique to me was when I went to Officer Candidate School for the Marine Corps. Would you believe I vividly remember those Drill Sergeants?

Drill Instructor

To say those guys were hard asses is a lot like telling you the Pope is a practicing Catholic.

The common thread among my teacher, my coach and my drill instructors was not that they were crazy, however much I believed that back then (and still may very well be true), but that they cared. In fact, they cared so much that they saw to it to challenge us as a classroom, a team and a platoon.

They knew that if they were to have lasting influence, they had to be decidedly different.  That more than 10 years later I’m now writing about them to you suggests they were successful.

When you seek out a teacher, trainer, coach or mentor, find someone to challenge you, not enable you. Find a hard ass who is willing to metaphorically (or literally) yell and scream up and down the field on your behalf.

I once hired a coach and on our first session, he apologized to me for asking too many questions. We never had a second session, I fired him. Too soft.

To the person who’s challenged you to be better, who at times you think is the biggest SOB there is, you should thank them. They’re that way because they care enough about you to not care what you think about them. They’re not there to be liked, but respected.

I promise you, I DID NOT like my teacher, coach and drill sergeants, but damn it did I respect them.

And still do.

Committed to your success,

Daniel Aleksa

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