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This is the ONE thing you should focus on for massive success

This is the ONE thing you should focus on for massive success

You’re focused on the wrong thing.

If you are to be the best version of yourself, you need clear thinking.

I spoke about this very topic on this week’s Coffee with Dan and Kate. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

In the video, I was referring to gaining clarity around what is you wish to accomplish. Basically, the clearer your goal, the more likely you are to accomplish it. The more vague and ambiguous your goal, the less likely you are to accomplish it.

For now however, I would like to offer you yet another idea where clear thinking is mandatory if you are to achieve any significant and lasting results in fitness.

Most people are focused on the wrong thing. For instance, when asked what they want to accomplish in their fitness goals, most respond that they wish to lose weight.

My follow up question is, “would you prefer to lose weight and look like crap OR look fantastic at whatever weight that came down to?”

I’ve been asking that question for 10 years, posed it at least 500 times and in that time I recall only 1 person who, steadfast in their resolve, affirmed that they are dedicated to the specific weight regardless of what they looked like when arrived.

Personally I think she was just being stubborn. I challenged a long held belief and I don’t think she liked the feeling. Maybe I’m wrong, doesn’t matter.

The question is asked so as to clarify thinking and that’s exactly what it does.

Nobody wants to lose weight as an end in of itself, you want to look better.

Even for the one stubborn outlier from above, if given a choice, I guarantee she chooses to look better at whatever weight that means.

The idea is this; if your only focus is to lose weight, you are chasing a byproduct.

Losing weight is what happens as a RESULT of something else.

The question is, what is that something else?

Basically, if losing weight is a byproduct, what’s the main product?
The main product is your health – mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and otherwise – or as I’m prone to summarize, the main product is being the best version of yourself.

It’s taking this moment, the one you’re living right now, and making it count towards the overall.

Are you acting accordingly?

Are you really living this moment or just allowing it to pass? Have you imbibed the sights, touches, smells, tastes and sounds of your surrounding or is it all just in the background?

Today matters.

So to be the best version of yourself is to focus on what is front of you. It is to do the next right thing if that is the next meal you eat, the next phone call you place, the next conversation you have, the next workout you do or the next dance you dance.

And I agree with Lee Ann Womack, I hope you dance.

You want focus? Focus on what is in front of you and what is next, not fifty different things that are in the future and may not even happen, but next.

Then, make it great.

That’s how you be the best version of yourself – one small moment at a time.

Lay each brick perfectly such that after a while you look back and are starting at the beautifully built house that is your life.

Committed to your success,

Daniel Aleksa

How to Achieve Lifelong Fitness and Fat Loss

There’s a difference between those that achieve lifelong fitness, and those that just flirt with it every 6 months. There’s a difference between those that throw away their fat clothes for good…and those that store them in the back of the dresser as a just-in-case. I’m going to talk about that difference.

Many are quick to note that fitness is a ‘process’ and while there are similarities, there’s an important caveat most miss. Changing a flat tire is a process with the end result being an air-filled tire. Cooking lasagna is a process with an end result being many satisfied dinner guests, especially if you make it like my momma!

And in fitness, what’s the end result? A desired scale weight? Size 6 pants? I can tell you that there’s no parade for reaching 135lbs and no fireworks for visible abs. Once you have it, you’d want more anyhow! What really is the point of having a 6-pack when an 8-pack is just 2 packs away?

This so-called process then doesn’t have an end. In fact, even when you consider yourself done for the day, your body says, “Well, thank you for those nutritious meals and great workout today, but, what have you done for me lately?” In fitness, each day renews the need for your attention without which, the work you did until that point begins to decline. How brutal is that?!

So, the point I wish to make is that it’s far less a process and far more a pursuit. The dictionary defines pursuit as “an effort to attain” or “the act of pursuing”. I’m interested in the fact that the first words to describe it are ‘act’ and ‘effort’. To me, that’s what lifelong fitness is all about, action and effort, done daily and abundantly.

Those that achieve lifelong fitness only do so because today, they took some form of action with an above average amount of effort.

In sum, they stayed in pursuit.

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