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This is the ONE thing you should focus on for massive success

This is the ONE thing you should focus on for massive success

You’re focused on the wrong thing.

If you are to be the best version of yourself, you need clear thinking.

I spoke about this very topic on this week’s Coffee with Dan and Kate. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

In the video, I was referring to gaining clarity around what is you wish to accomplish. Basically, the clearer your goal, the more likely you are to accomplish it. The more vague and ambiguous your goal, the less likely you are to accomplish it.

For now however, I would like to offer you yet another idea where clear thinking is mandatory if you are to achieve any significant and lasting results in fitness.

Most people are focused on the wrong thing. For instance, when asked what they want to accomplish in their fitness goals, most respond that they wish to lose weight.

My follow up question is, “would you prefer to lose weight and look like crap OR look fantastic at whatever weight that came down to?”

I’ve been asking that question for 10 years, posed it at least 500 times and in that time I recall only 1 person who, steadfast in their resolve, affirmed that they are dedicated to the specific weight regardless of what they looked like when arrived.

Personally I think she was just being stubborn. I challenged a long held belief and I don’t think she liked the feeling. Maybe I’m wrong, doesn’t matter.

The question is asked so as to clarify thinking and that’s exactly what it does.

Nobody wants to lose weight as an end in of itself, you want to look better.

Even for the one stubborn outlier from above, if given a choice, I guarantee she chooses to look better at whatever weight that means.

The idea is this; if your only focus is to lose weight, you are chasing a byproduct.

Losing weight is what happens as a RESULT of something else.

The question is, what is that something else?

Basically, if losing weight is a byproduct, what’s the main product?
The main product is your health – mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and otherwise – or as I’m prone to summarize, the main product is being the best version of yourself.

It’s taking this moment, the one you’re living right now, and making it count towards the overall.

Are you acting accordingly?

Are you really living this moment or just allowing it to pass? Have you imbibed the sights, touches, smells, tastes and sounds of your surrounding or is it all just in the background?

Today matters.

So to be the best version of yourself is to focus on what is front of you. It is to do the next right thing if that is the next meal you eat, the next phone call you place, the next conversation you have, the next workout you do or the next dance you dance.

And I agree with Lee Ann Womack, I hope you dance.

You want focus? Focus on what is in front of you and what is next, not fifty different things that are in the future and may not even happen, but next.

Then, make it great.

That’s how you be the best version of yourself – one small moment at a time.

Lay each brick perfectly such that after a while you look back and are starting at the beautifully built house that is your life.

Committed to your success,

Daniel Aleksa

There's a lot to love inside

There’s a lot to love inside

There’s a lot to love inside.

“I want to like this but I don’t”

Have you ever said that? About exercise, healthy eating or otherwise?
So long as you don’t say it in reference to your spouse or children, it’s really ok.

Maybe you think of super fit people with their smiling faces, healthy looking skin and annoyingly upbeat attitudes and think, “They must just love the work of exercise and if I’m to get anywhere close to that, I need to love it too”.

I’m here to tell you one, I agree, they are annoying.
Two, you don’t need to love the work but, I bet you’ll love what’s inside the work…

There’s a lot to love inside.

Inside is the adversity you overcame and the commitments you honored.
Inside is you taking control and leading yourself.
Inside is you serving an example for others.
Inside is you not making excuses.

Simply, inside the work is the best version of yourself.

And that is special, and like my daughter who today celebrates her 2nd birthday, easy to fall in love with.

Committed to your success,

Daniel Aleksa

Thinking, big and small.

Thinking, big and small.

Thinking, big and small.

You can learn a lot about someone simply by listening to them and I don’t mean listening just to their stories about how they came to live here or work there, no.

I mean listen to their word choice. Do they use words that suggests optimism and hope for better times ahead or do they use words that suggest pessimism and despair for the dooms day that’s surely around the corner?

Listen to the framework from which their life unfolds. Does it suggest they are the hero of their stories where they learn from setback and overcome challenge, or are they the constant victim who’s forced to endure at the hands of others?

When you listen for that, you’re listening to someone’s thinking. You’re hearing their thoughts and beliefs brought into the physical world and when your ears are trained to listen, you may be shocked to discover how many people, and maybe yourself from time to time, who despite wanting to think BIG, in fact do the opposite, and think very, very, very small.

Here are a few questions to stimulate your thinking on this topic.

How do you think about challenges? Is it an exciting opportunity to grow or something that might make you like look foolish and incompetent?

How do you think about the success of others? Are you inspired by their achievement or are you threatened by it?

How do you think about setbacks? Is it proof that there is more to learn or proof that you should have never have tried in the first place?

How do you think about critique? Is it welcomed and useful or unwelcomed and useless?

I’d be hard pressed to find anyone who, if asked, wouldn’t want to live a more rich and abundant life, and yet, when it comes to the very thing which can most directly contribute to that abundance – the size of one’s thinking (of which you’re in complete control) – they’ve either not given it thought or they have, and directly or indirectly still choose the petty, the petulant and the small.

Big thinking is easy to spot – it’s so damn rare it stands out.

When you think of people in your life who think big, I bet you’re inspired by them – by their words, actions or results. It begins with their thinking and I encourage you to consider the size of yours.

Is my thinking placing a cap on me? Like driving a car with an e-brake engaged? Or is it a great accelerator of progress, assisting me take bold and fearless action to achieve my highest potential?

There is no more urgent time to ask this question of yourself than right…about…now.

Committed to your success,

Daniel Aleksa

How to win, now and forever.

How to win, now and forever.

How to win, now and forever.

When I see someone train with intensity, my first thought is, I wonder what they’re thinking about?

Something in their mind motivates them to train with a higher than usual degree of intensity and focus.

I’ve heard some say they think about their idiot boss, usually when they’re they’re hitting the punching bag.  That’s good, but that idiot boss won’t be there to motivate you all the time. He/she can’t piss you off every single day…well, not enough to energize your fitness at least!

So what I’m curious by is what is it that keeps people focused day after day?

Here’s mine – I made the decision long ago that no one will train harder than me.

That’s not just ego inflation, it’s my honest to goodness system.

I see a fellow in the gym training hard and I think, thank god you’re here because I was feeling soggy today and concerned that I wasn’t going to have the intensity but alas, you’re here training hard…and now I’m about to beat you.

The best thing I can hope for is a gym full of hard working, alpha types all attempting to outdo one another because my system demands I outdo them.

Blah, blah, blah, this is just egotistical nonsense.

No, it’s an attitude and if you adopt it, you can’t NOT win as a result. It’s self-fulfilling too – if you’re not winning, it’s because you’re not out working everyone.

Here’s another idea I shared with a client who appears to have taken it to heart because she absolutely dominates every time she steps on the gym floor.

She wants to win the transformation challenge, straight up.

I said, great, then do this – whenever you reach a point where you think you’re at your limit, ask yourself, how many people would give up right here because it’s the reasonable thing to do?

When you’re on rep number 8 struggling to finish a set, ask, how many people would give up here and not attempt 9 and 10? You want to win? Go to 12.

When you’re dogging it on the cardio for 20 minutes, how many people would not attempt 25 minutes? Or 30? You want to win? Go to 45.

When you’re on a trip and when most postpone good nutrition for the weekend, how many people would NOT take such a convenient stance? You want to win? Plan and organize your every meal leaving.

The question is simple, where do most people give up? When you discover that point, push past it. You’ll immediately begin to separate yourself.

You’ll experience UNCOMMON and EXTRAORDINARY results because you do the UNCOMMON and the EXTRAORDINARY.

It’s not complicated, really. Success is not a secret – it’s all around you. People who enjoy more of it are doing things most don’t.

So if you wanted to make today an instant success, you can practice the self-awareness and say to yourself, “this is the exact point where I usually give in, BUT today, I push on”.

Imprint that attitude on your heart and mind and I’ll see you at the winners circle.

Committed to your success,

Daniel Aleksa

Motivation: How To Be A Hero

Motivation: How To Be A Hero

How to be a hero

If our 6 Week Transformation Challenge is on your horizon, this will be a welcome note.

I’ve run this challenge now for the past 3 years and in that time, I’ve learned a lot and I want to share some of those insights with you because from where you’re sitting, you could never know what I know.

It’s one thing to see an inspiring before/after picture, watch a video of people working out and say you “get” it, but it’s quite another to be in the trenches with those very people encountering their fears and limitations…and then smashing them to pieces.

So, let me share 3 lessons with you that I’ve seen time and again from clients in general, but especially from the 6 Week Transformation Challenge we run.

In this email, I’ll only cover 1 lesson (probably the most important one) and I’ll write to you again on Tuesday about the other 2.

Big Lesson #1  – When faced with a challenge, you summon incredible personal power.

That means you rise to the occasion. You shock yourself (let alone friends and family). You can’t believe how much you’re capable of achieving.

Here’s the thing; I can believe it and I’m not shocked. I knew you were capable of greatness, you just need the occasional reminder.

Here’s the real source:

The inner strength you experience is what happens when there’s consistency between your word and your action. 

Nothing saps your energy faster than saying one thing but doing the opposite, right?

It’s not that complaining is noxious, it’s complaining without any plan of action to correct what you’re complaining about!

You can’t say, “Oh man I’m broke and this sucks” while you’re scrolling facebook or watching cat videos. No one cares…starting with yourself, clearly! You don’t mean it. Your being broke sucks I’m sure but it’s clearly not painful enough for you to do something about it.

Instead if you said, “Man I’m broke…and that’s why I’m working 3 jobs, went from the iPhone to the Cricket and don’t have time to watch TV because I’m studying to earn my degree in petroleum engineering”.

Well, that’s not a complainer, that’s a hero.

You gotta be the hero of your own story.

When you take forward action, you’re doing what hero’s do. You are a hero.

That’s why you I’ve seen literally hundreds of people gain personal power.
That’s why those who enroll in my challenges experience breakthrough transformations.

They don’t talk, they do.

Committed to your success,

Daniel Aleksa

P.S. Early enrollment for the 2017 6 Week Transformation Challenge ends on 9/5. Your investment is $219 and you can learn more and enroll by following this link!

P.P.S. Since my original email on Friday, I have 6 enrolled and we typically cap it at around 25 so if I were you, I would become a hero real quick and ENROLL NOW or call me at 215-942-6698.

Standards: how you do one thing is how you do everything

Standards: how you do one thing is how you do everything

Standards: how you do one thing is how you do everything

If you’re particular about your work, I bet your home life and everything else demonstrates a similar quality; well-planned schedule, tidy living, clean car, etc…

If, on the other hand, you routinely do things in haste and without care, you probably take that with you just the same.

Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”
If it’s true that excellence is a habit, the opposite must also be true; that failure is not an act, but a habit.

One big idea I draw from this quote is about standards. Once set, you take your standards with you in everything you do.

Your standards are the lens from which you view the world and ask the question; “What is good enough for me?”

Low standards produce low outcomes and high standards high outcomes.

It begs the question, what are your standards?

If you’re unsatisfied with your results in life, perhaps the fastest way to fix that is by raising your standards.

When you do, you gain clarity around what you want and from that, equal clarity that your current station is unacceptable to you.

The key however, is protecting those standards from those that would diminish them.

An example:

You say to yourself one day; “I’m done eating crap food, I’m going to begin eating better”

…and on your own, you do pretty good.

…but then you go out and your friends question why you’re not putting your face in the double nachos like you always do.

…and they say you’re “no fun” anymore because you don’t drink as much.

Those are your standards at risk.

There’s a poem I read once and at the time, it had such big impact on me that I memorized it.  I still do.

Here it is:

“I bargained with life for a penny,
And Life would pay no more.
However I begged at evening,
When I counted my scanty store;

For Life is a just employer,
He gives you what you ask,
But once you have set the wages,
Why, you must bear the task.

I worked for a menial’s hire,
Only to learn, dismayed,
That any wage I had asked of Life,
Life would have willingly paid.”

What wage do you ask of life?

Put another way, go to the ocean with a teaspoon or a five gallon bucket.

Friend, the ocean doesn’t care.

Committed to your success,

Daniel Aleksa