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This is the ONE thing you should focus on for massive success

This is the ONE thing you should focus on for massive success

You’re focused on the wrong thing.

If you are to be the best version of yourself, you need clear thinking.

I spoke about this very topic on this week’s Coffee with Dan and Kate. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

In the video, I was referring to gaining clarity around what is you wish to accomplish. Basically, the clearer your goal, the more likely you are to accomplish it. The more vague and ambiguous your goal, the less likely you are to accomplish it.

For now however, I would like to offer you yet another idea where clear thinking is mandatory if you are to achieve any significant and lasting results in fitness.

Most people are focused on the wrong thing. For instance, when asked what they want to accomplish in their fitness goals, most respond that they wish to lose weight.

My follow up question is, “would you prefer to lose weight and look like crap OR look fantastic at whatever weight that came down to?”

I’ve been asking that question for 10 years, posed it at least 500 times and in that time I recall only 1 person who, steadfast in their resolve, affirmed that they are dedicated to the specific weight regardless of what they looked like when arrived.

Personally I think she was just being stubborn. I challenged a long held belief and I don’t think she liked the feeling. Maybe I’m wrong, doesn’t matter.

The question is asked so as to clarify thinking and that’s exactly what it does.

Nobody wants to lose weight as an end in of itself, you want to look better.

Even for the one stubborn outlier from above, if given a choice, I guarantee she chooses to look better at whatever weight that means.

The idea is this; if your only focus is to lose weight, you are chasing a byproduct.

Losing weight is what happens as a RESULT of something else.

The question is, what is that something else?

Basically, if losing weight is a byproduct, what’s the main product?
The main product is your health – mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and otherwise – or as I’m prone to summarize, the main product is being the best version of yourself.

It’s taking this moment, the one you’re living right now, and making it count towards the overall.

Are you acting accordingly?

Are you really living this moment or just allowing it to pass? Have you imbibed the sights, touches, smells, tastes and sounds of your surrounding or is it all just in the background?

Today matters.

So to be the best version of yourself is to focus on what is front of you. It is to do the next right thing if that is the next meal you eat, the next phone call you place, the next conversation you have, the next workout you do or the next dance you dance.

And I agree with Lee Ann Womack, I hope you dance.

You want focus? Focus on what is in front of you and what is next, not fifty different things that are in the future and may not even happen, but next.

Then, make it great.

That’s how you be the best version of yourself – one small moment at a time.

Lay each brick perfectly such that after a while you look back and are starting at the beautifully built house that is your life.

Committed to your success,

Daniel Aleksa

Success Leaves Clues

Success leaves clues

Generally speaking I’m a pretty nice guy, but when I’m training, I’m not a nice guy.

Actually, that’s not true. I’m still nice, it just appears otherwise because I maintain a high level of focus and refuse to have it disrupted.

The natural order of things is disruption, distraction and chaos which most permit and some even welcome.

Find me someone who fiercely protects their time and attention and I’ll show you someone who has incredible results. It’s virtually impossible to defy.

Conversely, find me someone who’s passive about their time and attention, who would readily sacrifice it to ever buzz, and I’ll show you someone who struggles.

Michelangelo is quoted as saying, “If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all.”

That’s instructive. Basically, work so hard that results don’t surprise you. Here’s a great example of that on a micro scale.

We recently got our Stairmaster up and running at Motivators and after climbing off, one client commented, “That’s brutal”.

In reply I said; “What do you think we bought it for?”

Success leaves clues and when you follow them, as Michelangelo said, “it wouldn’t seem so wonderful”

Here’s a simple method. Do things that turns heads. That could be level 20 on the stairmaster or it could be maintaining a level of focus where people mistake you for a jerk.

If it’s the latter, remember this sage piece of advice:

“You don’t have to go out of your way to be a prick, but you have to be okay with being thought of as one.”

Are you okay with that?

When you are, your results will show.

Daniel Aleksa

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Don’t take a vacation on your fitness

Don’t take a vacation on your fitness

Take a vacation from the stressors of everyday life but don’t take a vacation on your fitness.

If you’re going on vacation soon, my guess is you’re thinking most about the destination, the excursions and even the food and drink. My guess also is that you’re probably not thinking much about where, when and how you’ll find time to workout.

I’m here to tell you that if you really want to make for an amazing trip, you want to add it in time for it and here are 3 compelling reasons why you should.

Compelling reason number 1 to workout on vacation: It makes for a better trip.

Exercise is a stimulant and in the same way it clears the mind and invigorates the body in your day to day life, it delivers those same rewards on vacation too.

So now, you feel invigorated and energized and in all likelihood, you’re also in some beautiful destination. To me, that’s living the high life.

Compelling reason number 2 to workout on vacation. You can mitigate the damage.

You know you’re going to do plenty of eating and drinking, right? Probably more so than usual so why not at least mitigate the damage by getting a sweat in that day?

The fact is a few margaritas is not enough to undermine months of hard work in the gym but if you feel better mentally by “offsetting” one thing with the other, then I’m all for it.

The “damage” you’ll mitigate then is what you do inside your own head. You’ll feel better and therefore have a better time (see compelling reason number 1).

Compelling reason number 3 to workout on vacation. You will make yourself proud.

If you’re accustom to low activity-high consumption vacations, working out a few times will be a radical change from the norm.

You will feel so good about yourself having done something that’s hard (and maybe even unusual for you).

Sometimes you gotta take a broader view and look at that which is common, favored and easy, and then refuse it. Refuse it because you know that taking the path less traveled leads to uncommon results.

There’s pride in that decision.

Final thoughts and commentary on working out on vacation.

If the idea of working out on vacation is repugnant to you, I will now explain to you why you feel that way.

It is because you view it as a chore, not at all different than taking out the trash or getting groceries – things traditionally not done on vacation. Exercise is included in that list and gets similarly classified under “things not done on vacation”.

That said, just because you’re on a “getaway” doesn’t mean your health and fitness doesn’t come with. You don’t “get away” from it. Of course you can try, but it has a way of sneaking up and reminding you that you’ve gotten away for too long.

Your health is always there with you, packed inside the original “carry-on” that is your body.

Committed to your success,

Daniel Aleksa

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Max Results, Min Effort = The Ideal Fitness Formula!

Max Results, Min Effort = The Ideal Fitness Formula!

Max results, min effort = the ideal fitness formula!

This is not taken from the magazine headlines and this is not a late-night infomercial tag line. You read that right and here it is again restated.

The goal of your fitness routine should be to get the most results with the least amount of effort.  

But when you think of it, of course it is, that’s always the goal.

You use that same line of thinking when you cut your grass with a lawnmower as opposed to a pair of scissors. Both tools get the job done, one just gets the job done faster and with less effort.

So, why wouldn’t that be your goal when it came to your fitness routine?

The point is that everything works, some things just work better than other things.

Your cardio routine could be little more than taking LSD and running around flailing your arms in the air.

That will surely elevate your heart rate so by that criteria, it’s effective cardio, but is it efficient? Not quite.

Your strength routine could be that same LSD trip but this time with weights in your hand. Is it effective? I mean look, done enough times you might see some muscle tone build up, but again there is a better, more efficient way. Much of it starts with not taking LSD.

(If you’re curious, no, I have no personal experience. Colorful examples, pardon pun, help illustrate my point).

The reason you need good form, proper weight selection and great technique and the rest is so that you can get everything can you out of the time and energy you got.

For example, take you and an identical copy of you. You’re the exact same in every way and you both set out to achieve better fitness results.

You both spend 60 minutes in the gym. You have great exercise selection, great form, great technique and you push yourself.

Your copy, has poor exercise selection, crappy form, no technique and spends half the session scrolling their phone.

Your copy IS going to get results because again, everything works, but those results will be painfully slow because what your copy lacks is efficiency.

What you achieve in 1 visit is going to take your copy 10 visits. Not at all different from the guy cutting his grass with scissors.

Which would you prefer?

The saying goes, if you’re gonna be stupid, you gotta be tough.

Boy is that the true.

Your copy better have a lion heart to deal with the frustrations and setbacks of a highly INEFFICIENT fitness routine.

And for you, great job on being effective AND efficient. You’re well on your way to amazing results.

Committed to your success,

Daniel Aleksa

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Mental Fitness

I’ve been a motivator, trainer and coach for ten years and I still get excited when I see someone go “all in” to level up their fitness and health.

A few conversations come to mind this week when talking with new and existing clients.

One woman, down 12lbs, 7 inches and 4% body fat in a just 6 weeks, said on her first day that when she does things, she goes all in.

She got on board our Nutrition Ignition program and has been crushing it in beginners sessions. This woman’s on fire and there’s just no stopping her.

Another guy, who when I asked him if he was ready to make a commitment to a healthier lifestyle, had this instructive reply:

“If I do anything other than make a commitment, then it’s not for real and this time it is.”

Truer words were never spoken.

A big idea that comes to mind when I think of not only these two clients, but most within Motivators is that there is a steady self-reliant attitude that’s refreshing and very much needed if you workout to get results.

If you are relying on a trainer, gym or a program to “get you” in shape, you’re in trouble my friend.

Trainers don’t get you in shape, you do.

The best a trainer can do is unveil your inner strength so that you can shine on your own.

That’s what we do. The real work we have at Motivators is not so much in teaching of the technical aspects of fitness and nutrition, as prevalent as that may be, but it’s in validating, and sometimes unveiling, the mindset, habits and beliefs of those already “mentally” fit.

To be “fit” is as much a mental characteristic as it is a physical one and if you’re mentally fit, you’ll never be for want on how to change your life – physically, financially or otherwise etc…

There’s a unifying set of beliefs and characteristics and if you possess them, being at Motivators is like catching a football pass in stride. It’s a seamless experience. It clarifies, confirms and conforms.

For those lacking mental fitness, those looking for trainers to “get them” in shape, we are a red hot poker in your eye.

I might offer to you that if you look around and you’re the most serious person in your group, it might be time to level up.

If you look around and there’s more gossiping and chit-chat than working out, it might be time to level up.

We have a perpetual motivation machine over here – we motivate you and you motivate us and everyone around you possesses a mental strength that’s attractive, validating and you guessed it, motivating.

Committed to your success,

Daniel “Motivated” Aleksa

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Do you workout or do you train?

Here’s my gym routine from last week (don’t worry, it’s short and that’s very much the point).

2:35 – Walk in gym
2:39 – Look around, meander a bit, no plan
2:41 – Lean against a barbell, feel lazy
2:42 – Check phone, music isn’t working
2:43 – “Screw this shit”
2:45 – Walk out of gym

You might look at that and say

“What?! Motivator can’t motivate himself?!”

I certainly could not on that day and I’m glad didn’t because the following day I resumed a schedule I’m much more accustomed to, something more like this:

1:37 – walk in gym
3:12 – walk out of gym

The real lesson from this is that sometimes the best training you can do is to stay home, or more specifically, to suppress the urge to go do some “activity” because you feel like you “have to” or even, because you’re “scheduled to”.

There’s a big difference between activity and results and confusing the two could spell disaster for you.

Client success principle number 4 dictates that you “Commit to results, not activity”.

For me on that day, to attempt a training session when my body was tired and worn down would have been committing to activity; that is, doing something for the sake of doing it. I would not have progressed and in fact, would have only worn myself down further.

And alas, look what happened – a mere 24 hours later, having rested my mind and body, and I was “rewarded” with one of the best training sessions I’ve had in months – one that actually produced results.

Committed to your success,

Daniel “committed to my success too” Aleksa

P.S. Being results-oriented is highly intentional so if you’re results-oriented, you would know it. So, if you’re now only committed to activity (or what I would refer to as “random acts of exercise”) but you WANT to commit to results, then I invite you to test drive two classes at Motivators Personal Training. I need to warn you though, you won’t just be working out, you’ll be training. Those are very different things. Best of all, the classes are free and you can access them here.