Passing Thoughts on a Fitness Scene

Passing Thoughts on a Fitness Scene

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Nothing good happens by accident. In fact, when left to chance, most things go awry.  Your landscaping doesn’t naturally bloom into beauty, it runs amok. Without phone calls, get-togethers and general nurturing, friendships wither away. Your body works the same way.

My favorite commercial right now is the Direct TV with the “Settlers”. The family is pleading with the father to get Direct TV and he reminds them that they’re settlers…so they settle for cable. Don’t be like them, don’t settle. You’ve achieved this much success so far, great, but keep reaching. Life is all about personal growth.

You’re not building up your body when in the gym, you’re tearing it down. It builds back up when you eat and sleep. Therefore, the best “supplements”, in no particular order, are as follows 1) Food 2) Sleep 3) Water. Without them, you certainly don’t need Garcinia Cambogia.

Resistance training, done properly, builds and retains lean muscle. That said, you hardly need it when you’re in your 20’s, but desperately do from 40 on. See point one of your body running amok.

Cliché as it may be, there is no success without failure. The person at the top of their game didn’t succeed the most, but failed the most and learned something new each time. It’s just that no one was paying attention to all the failures.

Half my job is convincing you why you CAN do something. I can count on one hand the times I’ve been proven wrong.

I try to avoid pessimistic people as much as I avoid sick people… for negativity spreads as easy as illness.

I’m a “millennial” and the speed of technology stresses me out. I suppose that’s why I’m attracted to fitness, outside of wearable gadgets, it can’t be revolutionized. It’s back to ol’ fashioned hand and stone…or should I say hand and iron.

*Seen on the internet* “This is your liver, it helps your body get rid of toxins. This is a detox supplement. It helps your wallet get rid of cash. Save your cash. If your liver isn’t working, you need a hospital.”

“I started working out hard and stuck with it for weeks and months and never saw results” – Said no one ever.

Society accommodates the majority preference of low quality, crap food. It’s never hard to find and often in great variety. Therefore, good nutrition is inherently inconvenient. Accept it and move on.

Consider this: The average Facebook session is 20 minutes/day. Taken out for the week, that’s 2 hours and 20 minutes. That same time allocated instead to the gym (plenty to see results), amounts to 1.39% of your week. So, let’s be very clear then, for those claiming they don’t have time to workout, what they’re saying is that less than 2% of their life CANNOT be dedicated to living longer…however it CAN be dedicated to liking cat videos.

Expression of gratitude is the surest way to happiness. My friend, we should BE so lucky to live in the time that allows us to superset reverse lunges with burpees. So, for next time, nothing but smiles!

Daniel Aleksa



How to Overcome Resistance with Mindset Conditioning

How to Overcome Resistance with Mindset Conditioning


No fear!
No excuses!
Have courage!
Crush it!


This is not the topic checklist for a motivational speaker but rather my mental prep prior to a heavy lift (less the expletives in front of ‘crush it’. I’ll give you a hint, our phones autocorrect this word to ‘ducking’).


For a long time I’ve been captivated by the connection between the physical development of the body and the personal development of the mind. In strengthening one, you strengthen the other. The link is inextricable.


To handle the resistance in training our body, we each create our own mental prep. Mine is above. This is no different than the mental prep millions use to get through the resistance life has to offer. Things like:


This too shall pass.
The night is darkest just before the dawn.
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

All worthy credos suggestive of the same general advice; get through some crappy times and then it gets better.


Only difference is that the resistance we encounter in the gym is voluntary. The resistance in life –the check engine lights, friction with coworkers, unruly children – that stuff we don’t anticipate and is hardly welcome.


Times of resistance and challenge tempt us to turn on the self-sabotage and woe. If not done in plain sight, it happens under the radar of your consciousness, that is, in the deep recesses of your subconscious.


Before you get thinking that this is some namby-pamby stuff that you don’t need, allow me to explain.


I’m no fan of those who overindulge in the metaphysical, believing that because they think things, those things will happen. A fit body, personal wealth or career status is all supposed to come to them by the power of their thoughts alone. Please. Everyone knows you need to squat at least 2x/week for a fit body.


I‘m not of that ilk however I do believe in mindset conditioning. I do believe that in time, the dominating thoughts of your mind begin to govern your actions. Thoughts seek physical expression. I do believe as, Earl Nightingale said, “you become what you think about.”


It serves to reason then that success in any endeavor has a familiar starting point, your mind. The purpose of my little pre-squat ritual is paying respect to that fact. It’s about mindset conditioning. And it works too. A few weeks ago I was in the gym having the energy of road-kill, but with the help of mindset conditioning and “What do you mean?” by Justin Bieber, I had one of the more productive sessions in months.


Mental rituals like this are personal, powerful and done well can help you ducking crush it!


Committed to your

Daniel Aleksa


Methods VS. Results

Methods VS. Results

My first job in the fitness industry was working as a sales rep for a big box gym. My responsibility was to give the initial fitness assessment for all new members. I recall working with a client who said his goal was to lose excess stomach fat and build muscle in his legs and shoulders. So we went out on the gym floor and I was showing him different movements that he could incorporate into his routine, most things he’d never done before.

After my elaborate explanation, I suspected I gained a convert. Surely now, he understood the need for a complete program of strength, cardio and nutrition.

No such thing. He wanted to know how often he should use the ab machine.

“Ab machine?!”

Did he hear anything I just said? I repeated it but this time with even more detail and passion! I went all science on him explaining muscle metabolism and the inability to spot reduce fat.

Didn’t matter. He was emotionally committed to his solution and no smooth talking fancy pants personal trainer was going to change that. I was the fool for trying.

If that happened today, I’d handle it much different. For one, I wouldn’t go into long-form explanation and in the event my recommendation is rejected, I certainly wouldn’t be upset by it.

No, nowadays I’m inclined to talk less and ask more.  In this instance, I’d ask a rather simple question that’s every bit applicable now as it was then.

I’d ask him, as it relates to his health and fitness, does he prefer pleasing methods or pleasing results?

His answer would elicit very different responses from me. If it’s pleasing methods he’s after, that is, doing things he enjoys that are comfortable to him, then as far as the ab machine goes, 2x/week for 3 sets of 10 would do just fine.

If it’s pleasing results he wants, that is, measurable reduction in body fat and increase in lean muscle mass, then he should never sit on that stupid thing again.

It’s an important distinction, pleasing methods vs pleasing results.

People that seek out pleasing methods say things like:
– I don’t like vegetables.
– I’m not a morning person.
– Can we do something easy today?
– How often should I use the ab machine?

People that seek out pleasing results say things like:
– Tell me exactly what to do and I’ll do it.
– What foods should I completely eliminate?
– What do you do to get in shape?
– Why aren’t we deadlifting today?

One of the core values at Motivators is ‘fun’. There’s a lot of it to be had within the community – in the Facebook page, before or after a class, out at the bar and even in this very newsletter.

During the workout is not one of them…not if you’re after pleasing results that is.


Committed to your

Daniel Aleksa



Trusting Professionals

Trusting Professionals

20150922_124733I’m a do-it-myself kind of guy. If you need evidence of this, take one look around the studio. When you see questionable craftsmanship, that’s me.

With that, a little story. Two summers ago, my father in-law Jeff noticed a tall pine tree in his back yard that he wanted removed. It would rustle, sway and loom into the neighbor’s lawn creating a mess of debris and too big a shadow. It had to go. Estimates for removal were close to $800. I said Jeff, we live in an age of youtube, man! We don’t need no stinking service, I’ll do it myself.  Though a little hesitant and very suspicious, he agreed.

As I said, this was not a small tree. It towered at roughly 45 feet and if I had to guess, weighed between 2-3 tons. But again, I did watch youtube so I felt qualified on how to “fell” a tree. Did you know that was a term? I didn’t. It means, “to cut down”.  I digress.

The most important factor in felling a large tree is the direction it falls. Naturally, our aim was the sprawling lawn and NOT the neighbor’s house. Well, if this tree listened to pop music it would be no fan of ‘One Direction’.

See, what I anticipated was that as I weaken it, the base would eventually snap. What I did NOT anticipate was for it to snap in the opposite direction…teetering over Larry’s house. Larry is the neighbor.

Now, I want to pause the story here for a minute and get to my point about trusting professionals. I heard a saying once that I love. When you go cheap, you pay twice – once for the cheap option you chose and then a second time for when the cheap option fails to get the job done.

See, we could have trusted the professionals and had them remove the tree from Jeff’s back lawn but now we’d need them to remove it from Larry’s living room. Thankfully, we didn’t have to get that estimate but I strongly suspect it would have been more than $800.

Whether it’s trusting the professional tax accountant, tree service, dog trainer or personal trainer, professionals in their field have already made the mistakes you’re about to make and we don’t want to see you  pay twice!

I suppose I’m always trying to sell you something. What I wish to sell you however, you cannot exchange for money. In fact, what I’m after is far more valuable than any amount of money you could offer.

It’s your trust that we are fitness professionals and will coach, counsel, guide and advise you in the fastest path towards your goals.

You feel the love?

Committed to your

Daniel A. Aleksa

P.S. That tree ended up coming back to us. Jeff’s eldest son, a regular Tim Taylor if there ever were one, backed up his pickup truck into the lawn trampling flower beds and bushes in its path, strung a massive rope around the tree to which he then tied to front of his truck. With every bit of 400 horsepower at work, he yanked that bad boy back to us! Now, that was a pro move!