Max Results, Min Effort = The Ideal Fitness Formula!

Max Results, Min Effort = The Ideal Fitness Formula!

Max results, min effort = the ideal fitness formula!

This is not taken from the magazine headlines and this is not a late-night infomercial tag line. You read that right and here it is again restated.

The goal of your fitness routine should be to get the most results with the least amount of effort.  

But when you think of it, of course it is, that’s always the goal.

You use that same line of thinking when you cut your grass with a lawnmower as opposed to a pair of scissors. Both tools get the job done, one just gets the job done faster and with less effort.

So, why wouldn’t that be your goal when it came to your fitness routine?

The point is that everything works, some things just work better than other things.

Your cardio routine could be little more than taking LSD and running around flailing your arms in the air.

That will surely elevate your heart rate so by that criteria, it’s effective cardio, but is it efficient? Not quite.

Your strength routine could be that same LSD trip but this time with weights in your hand. Is it effective? I mean look, done enough times you might see some muscle tone build up, but again there is a better, more efficient way. Much of it starts with not taking LSD.

(If you’re curious, no, I have no personal experience. Colorful examples, pardon pun, help illustrate my point).

The reason you need good form, proper weight selection and great technique and the rest is so that you can get everything can you out of the time and energy you got.

For example, take you and an identical copy of you. You’re the exact same in every way and you both set out to achieve better fitness results.

You both spend 60 minutes in the gym. You have great exercise selection, great form, great technique and you push yourself.

Your copy, has poor exercise selection, crappy form, no technique and spends half the session scrolling their phone.

Your copy IS going to get results because again, everything works, but those results will be painfully slow because what your copy lacks is efficiency.

What you achieve in 1 visit is going to take your copy 10 visits. Not at all different from the guy cutting his grass with scissors.

Which would you prefer?

The saying goes, if you’re gonna be stupid, you gotta be tough.

Boy is that the true.

Your copy better have a lion heart to deal with the frustrations and setbacks of a highly INEFFICIENT fitness routine.

And for you, great job on being effective AND efficient. You’re well on your way to amazing results.

Committed to your success,

Daniel Aleksa

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3 Impressive People (1/3)

I want to tell you about 3 impressive people I’ve encountered but for this email, I’ll only have space and time for one.

Tomorrow, I’ll write to you about the 2nd person and then Wednesday, the 3rd person.

You’ll want to read this series because all three of these people are deserving of special mention.

I’ll start first with a young man who many of you reading this know already because he’s going through a training process to be a coach at Motivators. His name is John Rauchut (pronounced “Rocket” by the way and yes, he should be a speed coach).

I have an attention to detail that I don’t let slip by easily and this is well known among our team at Motivators so as John is going through his training, I’m on him to ensure that he tends to those details.

And I’m on him.
And I’m on him.
And I’m on him.

And I can respect how after some time, that would grate him a bit. It would anybody. It would feel like you’re being hassled and like you can never do anything right.

So I’m on him the other day and I emphasize, “Look, it’s got to be done right” at least in recognition of the fact that I’m probably getting on his nerves…but his response shocked me. It was, in my estimation a writer-downer. He says in reply;

“If you stopped picking me apart, I’ll assume you’ve given up on me.”

He’s absolutely right.

The only reason I’m animated by the details is because I care about him, his development and his role at my gym.

We have a vertical relationships, him and I where one person is in a position of authority. Other examples of a vertical relationship would be parent/child, teacher/student, doctor/patient or trainer/client. That “superior”, if they care, should be on your case.

A lot.

Assuming one such role my relationship with John, I think, I don’t need to go out of my way to be a prick, but I have to be okay with being thought of as one.

And I’m okay.

Because it is the truth: you can be nice or you can have results, but you cannot have both.

And if I’m in a position to actually help you get results, then being “nice” must be very low on the priority list.

I sure did respect that comment from John and was impressed at the wisdom it displayed.

If it is seriously your aim to be better, you would be willing and open to the harshest critique. Far be it from avoiding it for fear of the unpleasant, you would seek it out, embrace, and learn from it.

Your ability and willingness to do that offers a strong estimation to the height of your climb.

Committed to your success,

Daniel “Not Nice” Aleksa

How a group of annoying high-schoolers inspired me

How a group of annoying high-schoolers inspired me

I was grabbing a bite this weekend and close by my table was a group of newly minted high school graduates. They were a little annoying of course, loud and dramatic, but that comes with the territory. But you know what else I saw in those kids? A genuine excitement and enthusiasm about their graduating. I was inspired.

Here they are, 12 years of school completed, their time validated and their efforts celebrated. For them, it’s on to the next stage in life be it a job or college and this bunch just seemed jovial and happy about the whole thing.

Their excitement was well-founded.

All a graduation is and represents, after all, is a passage from one stage to the next. Granted, what with the banners, flag waving, speeches and robes, it’s a very formal passage but the idea is that progress is celebrated.

That’s an important idea. To celebrate progress is to celebrate growth, and what are we doing here if not to experience personal growth?

That desire for progress doesn’t get lost as you get older, in fact, I think it gets stronger! Our brains are hard wired for it!

There may not be flag bearers or speeches as you advance in your path but that can’t stop you from moving forward.

You have an obligation to be the best version of yourself.

Your best days are in front of you, not behind you my friend.

You have incredible potential to do, be and have more in your life should you be bold enough to go out and reach for it. You have every right, and I’ll add obligation, to do so.

That’s why those young graduates inspired me. Their excitement says that they embraced their path and wanted to grow with it. For their sake, I hope that feeling never cease.

I feel the same way about you.

Committed to your success,

Daniel Aleksa

P.S. You gotta stay hungry. Fight off that ever present reptilian brain that wishes to keep you lazy and idle. It’s the part of your brain that fights you and doesn’t want you to do a damn thing. If it keeps winning, it will keep winning, BUT when you’re strong, even just once, and you do the thing that your body, your brain and ever ounce of your being is beckoning you don’t do, you become even stronger and you quiet that reptilian brain, if by only one decibel.

Place Matters

Place Matters

The first step to moving towards your goal is setting the place it’s going to happen.

Last Friday, Kate and I closed on our first house.

Very exciting and happy times for us for sure.

When you walk in, there’s a living room to the right (by the way, no I’m not about to give you the tour through a blog post, I have a point to make) and I thought, who uses a living room!?

My parents have used theirs twice in 30 years but they pay for it once a month!

So when it came to our living room, we agreed to convert it to my office and my, has it converted well!

This is my personal sanctuary. It’s a place to read, a place to create and a place where ideas become reality.

It’s doesn’t double as a laundry room and it’s not just an odd lot nook of the house. It’s strictly dedicated space.

It’s a place of productivity.

My point of telling you all this that place setting matters…and it matters a lot.

Your ideas, values, beliefs and desires all seek physical expression. If they are ever to become reality, they first need a place to do so. To everyone else, that place is a commodity, but for you it is where your ideas come alive.

To the cook, their kitchen is their canvas. To the craftsman, their garage is their muse.

The idea is that if fitness and health are made a priority in your life, then that too needs a proper place for expression.

The place is more than just a collection of weights and cardio equipment.

It’s a place where you improve your physical and mental well-being.
It’s a place for progress.
It’s a place for pride.
It’s a place for proving yourself able bodied and strong.
It’s a place to say yes to a healthier and happier life.

Your place should pave a path towards the future you envision. You can see it happening in that very place.

Does your place reflect those aspirations?

Simpler, are you inspired, motivated and excited to return, confident that which each day you’re moving closer to your goals?

For your sake, I hope you are.

If you’re not, you should try us out at Motivators Personal Training.

It’s an amazing place.

Committed To Your Success,

Daniel Aleksa

P.S. To try us FREE you can text FIT8 to 31996 or go here now to redeem two free classes online!

Great Trainers

Great Trainers

Who remembers the boring, apathetic teachers in school? Not me.

I only remember the hard asses. My 9th grade history teacher took 8 minutes of the first day of classes to point out my crooked tie.

If you played spots, who remembers the coaches that “went easy on you?” Not me.

I only remember those who would scream from the bench, pacing up and down like lunatics. In high school, when my coach got really heated, the veins in his neck would start to pop out. As a team, that’s how we knew things were getting serious.

Somewhat unique to me was when I went to Officer Candidate School for the Marine Corps. Would you believe I vividly remember those Drill Sergeants?

Drill Instructor

To say those guys were hard asses is a lot like telling you the Pope is a practicing Catholic.

The common thread among my teacher, my coach and my drill instructors was not that they were crazy, however much I believed that back then (and still may very well be true), but that they cared. In fact, they cared so much that they saw to it to challenge us as a classroom, a team and a platoon.

They knew that if they were to have lasting influence, they had to be decidedly different.  That more than 10 years later I’m now writing about them to you suggests they were successful.

When you seek out a teacher, trainer, coach or mentor, find someone to challenge you, not enable you. Find a hard ass who is willing to metaphorically (or literally) yell and scream up and down the field on your behalf.

I once hired a coach and on our first session, he apologized to me for asking too many questions. We never had a second session, I fired him. Too soft.

To the person who’s challenged you to be better, who at times you think is the biggest SOB there is, you should thank them. They’re that way because they care enough about you to not care what you think about them. They’re not there to be liked, but respected.

I promise you, I DID NOT like my teacher, coach and drill sergeants, but damn it did I respect them.

And still do.

Committed to your success,

Daniel Aleksa

P.S. You’re probably out of school but here’s an opportunity to have a great teacher. To learn more, go to www.MotivatorsPT.com/bts for a 21 day trial at Motivators Personal Training or just insert your information here.

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Attitude Determines Altitude

Attitude Determines Altitude

“Attitude, more than your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” – Zig Ziglar

99% of the time when you see people in passing, if you greet them at all, your exchange will be some pleasantry like:

Good morning.
How are you?

If there’s conversation, it’s brief and predictably about the weather, the weekend or what’s happening in sports or news.

A few weeks back I attended a conference in Orlando and a fellow conference-goer greeted me at the elevator with a question that gave me pause. He asked a simple, powerful question that was ten times more meaningful.

He said, “Good morning, Daniel, what are you grateful for today?”

I don’t know this guy, I never met him and that’s what he asked. He wasn’t shy either, he asked with every bit of confidence and resolve. He wanted my answer.

My first response was wow, what a great question!

Then I answered.

A great conversation ensued, about 45 minutes long, about the things we’re grateful for and most important, why we were grateful for them. We discovered how all the things we were most grateful for was as a result of some struggle we had with it.

I’m grateful for my health because I’ve done enough battle with it.
He was grateful for his career that came about from a ton of work.

The very struggle is what made it worthwhile. We expressed gratitude for those things we fought for.

All of this leads me to the belief that a great way to go through life, particularly in lieu of the struggle we’ll undoubtedly encounter, is to think not in terms of how much your struggle is unfair, but in how valuable it can be for you. 

Don’t say, “Woe unto me, look at all that is happening to me!”

Rather, say, “Look at all that is happening for me” because inherent in every struggle is the seed of opportunity for growth.

What you may consider an unfair circumstance and veritable proof of your victimhood, another looks at and sees a unique challenge.

“Struggle” is the great equalizer.

How many people do you know who haven’t had incredible struggle in at least one of these major four areas (and probably more than one)?


If you haven’t, you’ve dodged rain drops my friend, but most don’t.

Struggle is there for you to learn what you need to learn so that you can grow through it.

After talking with my friend there, his name was Manny, the Zig Ziglar quote came to mind, “Attitude determines altitude” and nowhere is that more evident than your response to struggle in your life.

Daniel “Embrace Struggle” Aleksa