Bob Bagdon

Hometown: Holland, PA
Years of experience: 4
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from Temple University
Specializes in: Teaching those new to exercise, aging populations and medical fitness
Favorite exercise: Romanian Deadlift
Why I became a trainer: “To share how to use exercise as a means for integrating the mind, body and spirit in order to improve one’s well-being and develop a greater understanding of self.”
Fun fact: I am an avid disc golf and ultimate Frisbee player. I also coach high school swimming.

Lorraine Goodwin

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Years of experience: 25
Education: NSCA-CPT, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Certified Fitness Instructor, Zumba Certified Instructor, CPR/AED Certified
Specializes in: Core Strength/low back dysfunction, dance fitness, medical fitness
Favorite exercise: Weighted hip thrusts
Why I became a trainer:“To enable people to improve their quality of life through fitness & exercise while helping them fall in love with the process. All the strength you need is inside you!
Fun fact:Was once a chubby teen until I found fitness at 17. I have boy/girl twins. Completed 3 tough mudders.


Kathryn  Aleksa

<— That’s me 2 weeks after I gave birth to twin boys on August 30th of 2017. I am a mother of 3 as I also have a beautiful 22 month old daughter as well (see in image below)

See, being new to multiple children, and now having 3 under the age of 2, has helped me understand the struggles of finding time to clean, cook, even shower, let alone workout.

(Let’s just say I have greater empathy to my Mommy clients now.)

After the birth of my daughter I bounced back pretty fast and was able to get right back into my pre-baby shape. I was however, concerned how I could do the same after going through a twin pregnancy which ended with having to go through labor with twin A and a cesarean for twin B — let’s just say I got whacked double time in the recovery department (no pun intended)

See, being fit and healthy is part of what makes me a good mom… a happy mom. And I believe a happy mom who feels good about herself is a better mom for her children, through whatever medium.

So that brings me to my point, here I am, mother of twin newborns, mother of 3 children in diapers under the age of 2 and a mother who was able to lose all her baby weight and more 1 month after their birth.

And I feel great, better then Ii have before having children — besides the lack of sleep — but coffee covers that department!

How could that possibly be, right?

What I discovered was that the best way for me to get my workouts in was to become a member of my own studio! Instead of only teaching the sessions, I began taking them too! I was shocked at how fast I got back into my fitness routine and regained my body!


I joined my own fitness program working out side-by-side with my members so I could benefit from the same training, motivation and group energy they get to enjoy every day!

That’s when I approached my husband Daniel and our team of motivating coaches, and stated that we needed to make sure other Moms, experienced and new, of all ages, have the same great opportunity as I do to look and feel great again

And what they are even happier about is how quickly they lost the weight!!!!

As an owner of my own studio, I have become my own transformation and success story along with my awesome members… We are a family that work together to better each other and I feel so grateful for every member I am able to help achieve confidence, to feel sexy again and to enjoy being healthy and fit!

So, my new friend, I  invite you to take on this journey with me, work out with me and my inspiring members and coaches and let’s achieve greatness!




My name is Daniel Aleksa and alongside my wife Kathryn, we’re the owners of Motivators Personal Training. As you might guess, we met in a gym. We were independent trainers and trying to make a living out of something we love. After a few months, I got really bold and asked her the BIG question.

Will you invest all the money you have and open a gym with me?

She said yes!

And so in August of 2012, we opened the doors to Motivators and have been privileged to share our passion with our clients ever since.

Motivators is a statement of our personal values and an expression of what’s great about fitness. It encompasses not only the development of your physical body but from that, the development of your mind, your belief system and your strength of will. We believe in personal development. We believe in community and we believe that with coaching and support, you can achieve anything.

Through the years, we’re still a pair of fitness nuts. We go to the gym together every day. We’ve ran marathons, did a “Tough Mudder” and continue to compete in physique competition. Like everyone, we’ve had our share of difficulties but through it, we remain grateful for our opportunities and the people we serve.

Committed to your success,

– Daniel and Kathryn Aleksa
P.S. Oh, by the way, in 2013 I proposed to her another BIG question… she said yes to that too and in August of 2014, we were married.


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