Weight Loss

How to Achieve Lifelong Fitness and Fat Loss

There’s a difference between those that achieve lifelong fitness, and those that just flirt with it every 6 months. There’s a difference between those that throw away their fat clothes for good…and those that store them in the back of the dresser as a just-in-case. I’m going to talk about that difference.

Many are quick to note that fitness is a ‘process’ and while there are similarities, there’s an important caveat most miss. Changing a flat tire is a process with the end result being an air-filled tire. Cooking lasagna is a process with an end result being many satisfied dinner guests, especially if you make it like my momma!

And in fitness, what’s the end result? A desired scale weight? Size 6 pants? I can tell you that there’s no parade for reaching 135lbs and no fireworks for visible abs. Once you have it, you’d want more anyhow! What really is the point of having a 6-pack when an 8-pack is just 2 packs away?

This so-called process then doesn’t have an end. In fact, even when you consider yourself done for the day, your body says, “Well, thank you for those nutritious meals and great workout today, but, what have you done for me lately?” In fitness, each day renews the need for your attention without which, the work you did until that point begins to decline. How brutal is that?!

So, the point I wish to make is that it’s far less a process and far more a pursuit. The dictionary defines pursuit as “an effort to attain” or “the act of pursuing”. I’m interested in the fact that the first words to describe it are ‘act’ and ‘effort’. To me, that’s what lifelong fitness is all about, action and effort, done daily and abundantly.

Those that achieve lifelong fitness only do so because today, they took some form of action with an above average amount of effort.

In sum, they stayed in pursuit.

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