Maleek Headshot (4)Maleek Sharif Mills


Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Years of experience: 2
Education: Bachelors in Business Marketing & NFPT Certified Personal Trainer
Specializes in: Core Strength, Conditioning & Flexibility & a great understanding in Nutrition
Favorite exercise: Back Squats & TRX Exercises
Why I became a trainer: “Through years of playing football, always had a focus on strength and conditioning which ultimately progressed to leading others. Helping others achieve their fitness goals is a true passion of mine”
Fun fact: Played football for 17 years & come from a large family of 11
(including nieces and nephews)


John Rauchut

Hometown: Warminster, PA
Years of experience: 2
Education: Bachelors in Exercise Science & Physical Education from McDaniel College.  Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor
Specializes in: Sports and Athletic development and education about health, activity, and fitness.
Why I became a trainer:“I have always enjoyed sports and physical fitness and I wanted to do something with my life that everyday I could help someone doing something I love.”
Fun fact: I have a twin brother and I was a Wildwood Beach Patrol Ocean Lifeguard for 4 years.





My name is Daniel Aleksa and alongside my wife Kathryn, we’re the owners of Motivators Personal Training. As you might guess, we met in a gym. We were independent trainers and trying to make a living out of something we love. After a few months, I got really bold and asked her the BIG question.

Will you invest all the money you have and open a gym with me?

She said yes!

And so in August of 2012, we opened the doors to Motivators and have been privileged to share our passion with our clients ever since.

Motivators is a statement of our personal values and an expression of what’s great about fitness. It encompasses not only the development of your physical body but from that, the development of your mind, your belief system and your strength of will. We believe in personal development. We believe in community and we believe that with coaching and support, you can achieve anything.

Through the years, we’re still a pair of fitness nuts. We go to the gym together every day. We’ve ran marathons, did a “Tough Mudder” and continue to compete in physique competition. Like everyone, we’ve had our share of difficulties but through it, we remain grateful for our opportunities and the people we serve.

Committed to your success,

– Daniel and Kathryn Aleksa
P.S. Oh, by the way, in 2013 I proposed to her another BIG question… she said yes to that too and in August of 2014, we were married.


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